jQuery Parallux

Parallax effect with esteroids. Jquery plugin optimized, cross browser and responsive. Oh, it works with all content types: background images, videos, text, images, slick slider and more.


Using <img> tags
Using background images (better performance)


  1. Just add a link to the css file in your <head>:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../dist/jquery.parallux.min.css">
  1. Then, before your closing <body> tag add:
<script src="dist/jquery.min.js"></script>  
<script src="dist/jquery.parallux.min.js"></script>
  1. Set the HTML structure:
<!-- Parallax Item -->
  <div class="parallux">

    <!-- Background layer -->
    <div class="parallux-bg">

    <!-- Div with parallax efect -->
    <div class="parallux-inner">

      <!-- Any HTML element -->



  <!-- Parallax foreground -->
  1. Call the plugin:
$(document).ready(function() {

Install via Bower

# Bower
bower install --save parallux


Option Type Default Description
fullHeight boolean true Enable/disable full page parallax. Check demo1.html and demo2.html for full page, demo3.html for auto height parallax.
onMobile string scroll Define the behavior of the plugin for mobiles. The "scroll" option will show the parallax section one under the other, "fixed" will simulate the parallax effect, but without transitions and the parallax option will apply the parallax effect, only recommended for latest devices.


Tiny and simple

With ~6kb only, and just 4 options, the plugin is quite simple and straight forward

Parallaxing everything

You can add all kind of content inside the background layer, it will works. I tested with videos, images (<img> tags), videos, background, sliders (slick slider), text, and it works just fine, thanks CSS3 translate3D hardware acceleration.

Foreground and Background layers

Sometimes you may want to add some elements inside the parallax wrapper that use the normal scroll speed, so I added a layer for foreground elements and another one for the background layer (the one doing parallax effect). Check the demos and you will see what I’m talking about.

Fallback for Old Browsers

If the browser don’t support translate3D, I decided to not do parallax at all. But the layer will be fixed in the background. Is proved that the scroll performance animating with javascript position-x and position-y will be a problem.

Fallback in Mobile

In the last version of Safari and Chrome for mobile, there is already support for translate3d! That is great, but still is not very smooth and depends a lot of the mobile hardware. For example, in Safari and iPhone 6 works great, but not in Chrome in a regular Android device, so I added an option (enableMobile=false) and it’s up to you to enable parallax on mobile devices. Works great in last versions of Chrome and Safari.

Crossbrowser issues resolved

You don’t want to know how many crossbrowser issues I went trough while developing this plugin, but most of them are resolved using CSS hacks and scroll improvements, thanks to StackOverflow.


Create a pull request, issue or send me a message @TomSarduy


Apache License © Tom Sarduy